Category: Python

  • Font Sample Generator

    Through the years, I’ve collected over 1000 fonts (mostly TTF). Whenever I need one, I’d like to be able to browse through all of them easily. So far, I didn’t find a software package that is both quick and easy. Therefore, I made a small python script that generates a single html file with samples…

  • 50 Greatest Classical Recordings

    Classical music made a list of the 50 greatest recordings of all time. It’s great to have all these excellent albums in a list and even better to have them available with a single click.

  • Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums of all time in Spotify

    In September 2020 Rolling Stone magazine published a list with the 500 greatest albums of all time. The list was created by artists, producers, critics, and people from the music industry. On a lazy afternoon I made a script that creates a list of these albums with links to Spotify. This is the only list…