Klikaan Klikuit, RFXcom and Raspberry Pi made simple

When I got my RFXcom I spend multiple hours to figure out how to use it together with my klikaan klikuit (KAKU) 433 MHz devices. In the end it appeared to be very, very simple.

Send a message to your KAKU device in python 3:

import serial
message = '0B11000200AAD51E09010F70'
serial_device = '/dev/ttyUSB0'
serial_rate = 38400
serial_timeout = 9
port = serial.Serial(serial_device, serial_rate, timeout=serial_timeout)

On a windows PC serial_device should be something like ‘COM4’.

The ‘message’ in the example above is build up as follows:

Name Length Hex Example Remark
Start 4 0B11 Same for all KAKU devices
Sequence number 4 0001 Can be ignored
ID 7 0AAD51E Unique for your remote
Button 2 01 Button on your remote
Command 2 00 00 for ‘off’
01 for ‘on’
02 for ‘set level’
Level 2 01 Only used if command is ‘set level’. It’s a value between 00 and 0f
? 2 00 Can be ignored

I’m using a 16 channel KAKU remote (AYCT-102)

The buttons of this remote are numbered as:

Group Button Hex Code
I 1 01
I 2 02
I 3 03
I 4 04
II 1 05
II 2 06
II 3 07
II 4 08
III 1 09
III 2 0A
III 3 0B
III 4 0C
IV 1 0D
IV 2 0E
IV 3 0F
IV 4 10

‘set_level’ can be used if you’re sending messages to a dimmer for led lights or fans.

For completeness a photo of the RFXcom device:

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