Vintage Phone Home Control Center

An old phone, a raspberry pi, a handful of resistors and a simple python script make a very nice home control center.
The phone is a T65 TDK. It was very popular in the Netherlands in the 70’s and 80’s. It comes in a few colors, but preferably orange.

The phone now controls our Sonos audio system and our Philips Hue lights. The little black button rings the front door bell, great gimmick for the kids.

Button functions:

  • 1: a radio station
  • 2: volume up
  • 3: another radio station
  • 4: previous song
  • 5: play / pause
  • 6: next song
  • 7: a playlist
  • 8: volume down
  • 9: another playlist
  • *: Philips Hue off
  • 0: Philips Hue dimmed
  • #: Philips Hue bright

And the Python script

The script calls an URL on the home server: another raspberry pi which controls all connected devices. A description of this home server will be the subject for a future picnic.

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